PeopleSoft Query

How to obtain the number of days of a month in PeopleSoft Query

In PeopleSoft Query how can I obtain the days of a month in a certain date using an expression?
for example 10/08/2013, what is the number of days for month 08 (August).


Query expression with COUNT

i am developing a query to show data with STATUS field , this field have two values 'I' and 'P'.
Now to select data for all EMPLIDs with status field value 'I' when count is more than two rows and with status field value 'P' when count more than one row.

what is the syntax for this in where clause.

Can I join the results of two PeopleSoft queries?

I am trying to write a query to reconcile cost balances between PeopleSoft Asset Management and the General Ledger.

I have written two queries that summarize cost by Business Unit, Account & Department. I would like to join the results of these two queries to show a side-by-side comparison of the amounts in each module - preferrably with the ability to add a column to calculate the difference. There could be a case where one BU/Account/Dept combination has a balance in one module - but not the other.

Is this possible?


Displaying Home, Cell and Business Phone numbers in one row


I am stumped as to how I can do this. Here is my quest:

In PSoft Query 8.8xxx (web-based, and I can view the SQL but not edit the SQL) I am pulling only the Employee Home Addresses from a Personal Data Table. Phone numbers are stored in the PERSONAL_PHONE Table. There are several types of phone numbers that can be stored for each employee, but not everyone has a number stored for every type.

I have linked the PERSONAL_PHONE Table to the PERS DATA Table with a left outer join because some may not have any phone numbers at all.

Need help with If-Then Expression

Hello everyone,

I am using PeopleSoft Query 8.8x online, and need to write an expression that looks between two dates (provided by prompts) and does the following:

First, if the Hire Date is between the two prompt dates, it will return "New Hire"

Second, if the Termination Date is between the two dates, it will return "New Term"

Third, if those two conditions are not met, it will simply need to return "Existing"

I have been wrestling with this and cannot quite figure it out. I must use an expression as we do not have access to edit SQL.

Issue linking to Excel 2007 from PS HRMS 8.8

Since our campus has upgarded to the Office 2007 suite, we have not been able to run our queries from PeopleSoft HRMS 8.8 to Excel 2007. Does anyone know where to change the path so the new version executable can be found by the application?

Query Not running online

Hello All,

I am getting the below error when I try to run the *public query SAR_TER_BY_DATE* online using Query Manager.

**[Open Query] [CQryStmt::Prepare] QDM could not load query definition [ PUBLIC.SAR_TER_BY_DATE ]**

I checked the all PSQUERY tables like PSQRYDEFN, PSQRYFIELD, PSQRYEXPR, PSQRYCRITERIA, PSQRYRECORD, PSQRYSELECT etc and this query exist in all the PSQUERY tables. I am able to run in two-tie and in database using query tool.

Please let me know what could be the problem.

Thanks in Advance!